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Kalm Syrup

Price : INR 97.00 / Pack(s)

Our Kalm Syrup will help in keeping the upset stomach in a calm state by reducing the effects of gastritis like acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, dyspepsia and peptic ulcer. Our Kalm Syrup is prepared using only herbal ingredients that offers a soothing effect and provides instant relief from uneasiness caused due to gastritis. The main ingredient of our Kalm Syrup, Narikela lavana, has a cooling effect and helps in digestion while removing the toxic chemicals stored inside the stomach.

Note :

    • Prices are subject to change without prior intimation.
    • One should use these products under Ayurvedic Practitioner consultation.


Use Health Supplement
Form Liquid
Sealing Type Double Seal
Syrup Type Ayurvedic
Dosage 10 ml T.I.D or as directed by the physician.
Packing 200 ml

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