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Spynovin Tablets

Price : INR 900.00 / Box

We are stocked up with Spynovin Tablets that are effective in treating Cervical Spondylosis and Lumbar Spondylosis, Osteo-orthrosis and Sciatica. Our Spynovin Tablets are sourced from the leading manufacturers who are acclaimed pan India for their quality and high effective medicines. These tablets help in rejuvenating the bone cells. They also rectify the stiffness of the neck and back and help in preventing nerve dysfunction like weakness of the limbs or arms, numbness etc. Our Spynovin Tablets act as a calcium supplement and prevent the complications like loss of muscle function, poor balance, permanent disability etc.

Composition :

  • Extract of Panchatikta Kashaya : 150 mg
  • Brihat vatachintamani rasa : 50 mg
  • Simhanada Guggulu : 100 mg
  • Kukkutanda tvak bhasma : 50 mg
  • Extract of Arjuna : 50 mg
  • Extract of Shallaki(Gum Resin) : 150 mg

Note :

  • Prices are subject to change without prior intimation.
  • One should use these products under Ayurvedic Practitioner consultation.


Usage Clinical
Type of Pain Killers Ayurvedic
Grade Standard Medicine Grade
Packing 10x10
Extract of Yastimadhu(Root) 50 mg
Extract of Guggulu(Gum Resin) 100 mg